Thursday, November 21, 2013

Volvo Trucks... When Advertising Blows You Away!

The first few seconds had me wondering what was going to happen. It was great to see Van Damme in something new, but what was it all about? Then I was left in utter awe, goose pimples the lot. Enya's "Only Time" is just perfect for this ad. 

Whoever came up with this deserves a raise!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

If you can't update your blog every week, bin it!

How slack have I been?
Family commitments, hobbies and work have taken their toll. It's been months and months between blog posts!
It's not that there's nothing to say, quite the contrary, but sometimes things fall by the wayside.

Your business blog.
Any marketer will tell you, if you're not able to make regular posts on your business blog, get rid of it. A lack of posts has a detrimental effect on a customer's perception "Are they still trading?".
I'm especially guilty of this, but left it up there anyway. I couldn't bear to delete this blog and kept telling myself I'd go back to it one day. But it took months.

Regular content can show people there's new and exciting things happening in your business. It's like the OPEN/CLOSED sign being turned over everyday on a shop door. Unfortunately, mine must have been showing CLOSED for a long time. 

Even simple comments, like Tweets, can at least show some activity. "Just making a brew." might get boring everyday but, as a one-off, at least tells the world someone's home.

I'm leaving it at that for today. Another commitment just popped up and he needs his breakfast.

More soon...