Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Is Serious - Please Read NOW!

You Don't Want To Miss this!

It's come to my attention that certain headlines, in local flyers and adverts, may not have been doing the job intended...

  • They Failed to GRAB the Necessary Attention! 
  • Some were even being described as boring - yes BORING! 
  • Others lacked mystery, excitement, warnings or promises of something special inside.
  • some didn't even have a single capital letter.
  • A cupple even had speelen miztakes.

Why Does This Matter?

Because your business is relying heavily on that one line. That line is going to get your flyer, your sales letter, or even your website content read. It's going to inspire your reader, spark up interest in what you have to sell and set the scene for the rest of the copy. 

Or it's simply going to turn people off.

Why? Because our world is full of information overload; unless you take hold of that person quickly and make them take note, you've lost them for good. Yes, the headline has the most important job on the page.

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How To Look Incredible Without Changing A Thing!

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This will help you look your best.

Losing weight is difficult but it can be done.

Our plumbing services are pretty good.

Make it count.

Write as many down as you can and choose the best three. And spend as much time as you can on it because you've usually only got the one chance to make an impression - and ultimately a SALE!

More soon folks...

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