Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Give the audience what they want...

Whilst steering them in the right direction.

We've already established that copywriting needs to be written for a particular audience. It must sell the benefits not the features. It must also have a call to action to get the reader to react and buy. Your job is to take what the client has, give it a certain appeal and place a bunch of words before a target audience. When all goes well, your client sells loads of the product and everyone's happy, but...

How often has a client returned a draft of sales spiel and said something like "That's not really what i wanted. Can you add more about me, or my stamp collection and hobbies blah blah blah"? 

And you come away thinking...

How is your ancient collection of knots, made from camel's nasal hair, going to help sell bathroom suites to midget miners in the Antarctic?

Yeah yeah, but you get the gist. 

So now you have to try and explain that you've done research on the target audience and, no matter how interested in their personal habits the client is, it won't help to sell their product. Or is it best to just keep quiet? Should you just agree, give them what they want and take their money? After all, the customer is always wr... right. 


If the copywriting doesn't "sell", is that your fault or the customers? 

Well, if you didn't take the time to explain why their additions don't help, then mainly yours. Your job is to sell their product after all. But if they came to you for an experts opinion, then steam-rollered over it giving you no chance to reason with them, I guess you have to let them find out for themselves.

Or, let them use both versions

Why not? Let them have your original draft, and their revised version, and tell them to try theirs first and yours afterwards. They'll soon know which one worked best and you'll gain instant credibility - why? Because you gave them the best of both worlds and allowed them to get what they wanted and, where clients are concerned, that's pretty important.

More soon folks.