Monday, February 13, 2012

Get Creative... Fresh Air and Open Spaces.

  • Stuck in the office?
  • Staring at the walls?
  • Imagination all but died?

You Need To Get Outside!

Yeah, I know the boss won't go for it, but the best thing to get the old brain fired into life again is exercise in the fresh air. When you go outside there's new stuff all around you which sparks up the mind and enables you to think clearly.

Release Those Endorphins.

Our body's natural feel-good mechanism is booted into action when we exercise which, usefully, makes you want to do it more often! And do you know what the great thing is? 

While you're outside, there's nothing but good things happening on the inside...
  • Your body's muscles are being worked, and they'll thank you for it
  • Your brain is constantly bombarded by new media all around you
  • You're giving your heart and lungs a much needed workout
  • You could be burning fat while building muscle
  • You're increasing blood and oxygen flow to your brain

So wherever you work, whatever you do, take five and go for a walk at lunchtime. The afternoon might just become the most productive part of your day.

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