Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't think... write.

How often have you gone to the pc and drawn a blank? Nothing comes - no inspiration, no mind-blowing ideas and certainly no writing. Well it happens to us all. Sometimes I'll stare at the screen for a while, then pick up my phone and check for messages, maybe surf the net aimlessly before eventually giving up. It's hard.

Everyone has different ways to combat this, and certain things work better than others, but my favourite has to be a walk combined with a coffee shop. Bring it on! Just being in the open air does something to the senses. All that new information bombarding the brain sparks it into action. From cars passing by, to the clouds above, or conversation all around - the brain has no option but to start working overtime, and then the ideas happen. 

Colours, sounds, smells and shapes; all things we take for granted, but for some reason, when we are out and about, and moving amongst them, ideas flood in. That's why, at the very least,  you should always carry a notepad and pen with you. Of course, an Ipad2 would be nice, but that'll have to wait until funds allow.

So what else gets the creative juices flowing?

Magazines.  Open one up and look through the pages. It doesn't matter what it is, flick through and scan the headlines. They should be show-stopping, attention-grabbing beauties, and that might help the sudden dullness you've been struck by. 

Newspapers.  Jam-packed full of stuff, good and bad. There's bound to be something in the news or adverts to spark an interest. And you might learn something on the way through. Cut out headlines that make you smile, or sad, and keep them in your ideas file. One day, you might be glad of them.

Blank paper.  And a pen. Now go and sit somewhere and start writing, anything - it doesn't matter. Once you start, so will the ideas. Force yourself to come up with headlines, stories, blog pieces, whatever. 
If you really need to force yourself, set a time limit and aim to get 20 ideas down in 10 minutes. The ideas can be useless, it doesn't matter, but the very fact your mind is working will help the whole process along. Job jobbed.

Photographs.  As much as I like to look at old pics and remember the good old days I also like to look around the actual event. The countryside in the background, the houses or a parked car. It lets the imagination take over and allows you to see more than you thought about at the time the picture was taken. Happy days.

Think of anything else?

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