Friday, May 20, 2011

Why The Headline Is The Most Important Sentence On The Page.

If You Don't Grab Them At This Point, You've Lost Them!

So much has been written on this subject, but unless you can sell the product here, you're wasting your time with the rest of the copy. So...
  • How do you write it? 
  • How do you grab attention? 
  • How do you make people read your spiel?
The most important aspect of your advertising copy isn't the long sales letter, the colourful brochure, or even the call to action. They all have their place, and the copy would be pretty useless without any of them, but if the reader doesn't get past your headline, none of it will get read anyway!

So what's the plan? 

What would make you open an email, or an envelope? We've all received junk mail (and thrown most of it away), but sometimes you just have to take a peek. So what made you want to take a look? Maybe some sort of offer, a free gift, or even a secret (after all, knowledge is power). 

OK, let's try a few examples based on those three ideas.

1)  Buy Before Saturday And Shipping Is Free!
Hmm, without even knowing what the product is, you might be inclined to look a little further. In fact, I'd probably click on the email to see what it's all about.

2)  Free Magic Beans With Every New Purchase!
I've wanted some magic beans for a while now, so that would probably get my interest. Even baked beans would probably do the trick, depending on what you're selling!

3)  WARNING: This Is The Information They Don't Want You To Have!
That is going to pull even the most cynical of punters. They'll know it's some sort of ploy to get you to open the email but the intrigue will kill them! It won't take long to have a look, so they'll soon be into the main body of text.

It can be that simple, but it can also take hours of mental brainstorming to come up with something that suits the product. Just remember, make the punter want more, leave them in wonder, appeal to their wallet and you'll be popping out headlines like a good 'un!

p.s. If you want to cheat, keep snippets of magazine headlines that interested you. Cut them out and put them in your swipe file. They're only words, and they've all been used before, but they'll serve to inspire when all goes blank!