Friday, March 25, 2011

Appeal - do you have it?

How do you know? 

At some point when you write something - anything in fact - a few readers aren't going to appreciate it. Perhaps they won't understand what you're trying to communicate, maybe it's in some way offensive, or they just plain don't like your style!  But it's going to happen sometime.

The key?  Keep your target audience in mind at all times and go with the client's opinion - how they want you to write.  Writing a sales letter for the latest computer hardware?  Target the intelligent, professional, maybe slightly geeky (sorry) crowd.  They probably have money waiting for the newest, must-have gadget, they certainly want the latest updates in a rapidly changing world and they want status amongst their peers. 

So appealing to that person could be about:
  1. How they will stand out from the crowd,
  2. Being the first one to use it,
  3. Saving them time because this hardware can do so much more than previous versions. 
Pretty soon you'll have their attention.  Telling them it looks nice on the desk, or that it's made from recycled yogurt pots probably wouldn't appeal to that particular market, but hey, it might work for someone into aesthetically-pleasing goods that are good for the environment.

Target audience is important - keep them in mind throughout!

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